Belgium: Win your privacy!

By EDRi · May 19, 2010

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Retaining telecommunications data, the new law on the Special Intelligence
Methods, the use of passenger data from airlines by judicial authorities and
the police, and the ubiquity of cameras are but a few examples of measures
that violate our right to privacy.

The Liga voor Mensenrechten is deeply worried about the increasing number of
violations of the right to privacy. In the past few years, many measures
have been taken by the government under the guise of fighting terrorism and
serious crime that threaten and erode the privacy of citizens. This is
unacceptable and in violation of the international and national privacy
laws. The right to privacy is a fundamental human right that can only be
limited in case that is absolutely necessary. These days, the
proportionality and subsidiarity principles have however all but disappeared
from the radar.

The Liga helps you win back your right to privacy! Citizens have largely
lost their right to privacy, but the Liga voor Mensenrechten offers people
the chance to fight back and regain their privacy. The fight starts in Gent
on 18 May 2010 where the privacy campaign will be launched, and will finish
with a grand closing event on 17 November 2010.

During the coming six months, the Liga will organise numerous activities,
a.o., guided privacy walks, events in the streets, theoretical classes,
camera spotting, a city game and – as closing event – handing out the Big
Brother Awards on 17 November in the Vooruit in Ghent, Belgium.

Campaign website

Nominees of the Belgium Big Brother Awards

(contribution by Jonas Maebe – Liga voor Mensenrechten – Belgium)