Blocking websites approved by the French Senate

By EDRi · September 22, 2010

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Deutsch: [Französischer Senat stimmt Netzsperren zu |]

The French Senate adopted on 10 September 2010 the law on known as Loppsi 2
(Original title: loi d’orientation et de programmation pour la performance
de la sécurité intérieure). This legislation would give the police the power
to upload malware on PCs without the users’ knowledge and without any need
to explain the action.

Another extremely worrying aspect is that the Senate modified the deputies’
version in the sense that article 4 of the text stipulates that the blocking
of Internet sites with child pornographic content will is no longer be
decided by the court but by an administrative authority without the
intervention of a judge.

If the child pornographic content is manifest, the administrative authority
will be able to ask ISPs to block the site address without delay. If that
character is not manifest, the administrative authority may notify the legal
authority in charge with the interdiction of the access to the mentioned
electronic addresses, but is not bound to do so.

One partial victory was obtained in relation to video-surveillance by CNIL
(French Data Protection Authority) which had asked that the control over the
images be given to an independent body and not to an Internal Affairs
Ministerial commission. Still, CNIL will have no autonomy in the matter as
it will be able to intervene only at the request of the commissions that
validates the installation of the video-cameras in public spaces.

The text also includes another article that stipulates a punishment of one
year imprisonment and 15 000 euro fine for identity theft offences, a very
large provision which may lead to punishing the use of pseudonyms or the
use of profiles meant to caricature well known characters.

The text will still have to go through the National Assembly again in order
to be finally adopted by the French Parliament.

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