New EDRi members

By EDRi · November 3, 2010

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At the EDRi General Assembly of 30 October 2010 in Barcelona, Spain, EDRi
welcomed two new members.

The Panoptykon Foundation is a Polish organisation focusing on human rights,
in particular the right to privacy, in the clash with modern technology used
for surveillance purposes. The NGO wants to analyse the risks associated
with the operation of modern surveillance systems, monitor the actions of
both public and private entities and intervene when human rights or
democratic values are threatened.

The Liga voor Mensenrechten (Human Rights League) has a focus on human
rights in Belgium and a campaigner of privacy, including the
organisation of the Big Brother Awards.

EDRi now has 29 members that are based or have offices in 18 different
European countries, all within the territory of the Council of Europe.

Panoptykon Foundation

Liga voor Mensenrechten

EDRI members and observers