Recommended Action: Support EDRi!

By EDRi · December 22, 2010

Do you believe in Internet freedom? In digital civil rights? In human
rights in the Internet environment?

Then we need your support! Not only because we believe in the same ideas,
but because we actively look to promote and respect them. See how we did it
in the past 2 years in our report.

So, what kind of support do we receive?

a) Being almost Christmas, we need to admit that we are looking for a
present in the first instance (and who doesn’t on Christmas ? :-))
Therefore, a donation is always welcome. Big or small. For privacy reasons,
so far, the only option available is a bank transfer. We need this money to
keep our Brussels Office running also in 2011.

b) A nice word or critique is always welcome at “board at edri dot org” or
other address.

c) Translate our work in your own language for more people to know what we
do. The EDRi-gram is already translated in German and partially in
Macedonian. Some other campaigning documents (such as the Internet Blocking
booklet) have already been translated in four languages. It’s free to
translate – all the texts are available under Creative Commons BY 3.0.
See or

d) Tell a friend about EDRi, the free subscription to EDRi-gram or just
forward the newsletter or some articles of it.

e) Volunteer! If you have some time and effort to spare we are always
looking for volunteers to help us in our work. Let us know what you’re good
at and how you may help and we’ll find a way to collaborate together.

f) Other ways to support us are welcome all year long (as with the ones
above of course). For example, a few days ago we received a domain name – We accepted this with great pleasure. 🙂