EDRi response to EC's consultation on creative content online

By EDRi · January 27, 2010

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Deutsch: [EDRis Antwort auf die Beratung der Europäischen Kommission über urheberrechtlich geschützte Onlineinhalte | http://www.unwatched.org/node/1673]

EDRi submitted a response to the European Commission’s (EC) consultation on
“content online”. The consultation aimed to gather input on how to best
support, at long last, the development of an effective, EU-wide, market for
digital content in Europe.

The input provided by EDRi argued that the creation of an equitable online
content market, serving the interests of citizens and artists, can best be
achieved by:

– prioritising development of legal services;

– prioritising the creation of a single market for online content;

– avoiding the imposition of punitive measures against citizens,
which will only serve to further undermine the legitimacy of copyright law
while risking further unintended consequences;

– ensuring maximum availability of licensing information, taking the
necessary steps to adapt international copyright law, as necessary;

– updating European legislation on exceptions and limitations, in order to
protect European culture and allow European industry the maximum scope for

– prioritising alternative licensing models such as open licensing;

– adapting European copyright legislation as necessary to achieve
these goals;

– ensuring that European copyright, innovation and access to culture
are not undermined by vested interests in the outdated distribution chain
for cultural content.

EDRi response to the European Commission Consultation Creative Content
Online (4.01.2010)

(Contribution by Joe McNamee – EDRi)