Bits of Freedom starts campaign for data breach notification law

By EDRi · February 10, 2010

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Deutsch: [Bits of Freedom startet Kampagne für Benachrichtigungspflicht bei Datenschutzverletzungen |]

The Dutch digital rights organisation Bits of Freedom started a campaign for
the introduction of a data breach notification law in The Netherlands.

A data breach notification obligation on telecom providers
is already to be implemented on the basis of the ePrivacy Directive, but
Bits of Freedom insisted that this obligation should be extended also to
other corporations and organisations. It drafted an extensive position
paper, including a concrete proposal for amending the Dutch Data Protection
Act. Simultaneously, it announced the launch of a “black paper” keeping
track of all data breaches in The Netherlands.

The Dutch Minister of Justice announced on 3 February 2010 during a review
of the Dutch Data Protection Act, that a proposal for a data breach
notification will be introduced in Parliament this year.

Position paper Bits of Freedom (only in Dutch, 01.2010)

Black paper on data breaches (only in Dutch)

(contribution by Ot van Daalen – EDRi-member Bits of Freedom – Netherlands)