Winner European Civil Society Data Protection Award 2010:

By EDRi · February 10, 2010

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Deutsch: [Gewinner des Europäischen Datenschutzpreises 2010: |]

And the winner is… PER.SONN.ES (in French) / FAKEFRIENDS.ME (in English)

AEDH (European Association for the Defense of Human rights) and EDRi
(European Digital Rights) are pleased to announce that the winner of the
first edition of the European Civil Society Data Protection Award (ECSDPA)

Launched in July 2009, /, is an art project
developed by Philippe Rivière, a French webmaster and journalist, aiming at
creating the first fake social network on the internet.

“As an art project, offers no specific
informational section, and bears no other purpose than leading the average
user of search engine to experience some discomfort about the too common
practice of casually spying on any- and everyone. One can imagine what
happens in the mind of search engine users suddenly confronted to fake
information matching their request”, says Philippe Rivière.

The ECSDPA 2010 jury is rewarding / as an
original and positive initiative contributing to the visibility and
effectiveness of the right to privacy by raising awareness and helping to
build conscious critical thinking.

The ECSDPA winner will benefit from a one week lobbying training in
Brussels, travel expenses and lodging being fully covered. The ECSDPA
initiative, the first of its kind, has been made possible thanks to the
support of The Law Science Technology & Society Research Group of the Vrije
Universiteit Brussel (LSTS/VUB) and The Flemish-Dutch House deBuren.

AEDH, EDRi, LSTS/VUB and deBuren congratulate the winner Philippe Rivière
and thank the 2010 Jury members: Pierre Barge (AEDH), Emilie Barrau (BEUC),
Aleksejs Dimitrovs (AEDH), Serge Gutwirth (LSTS/VUB), Paul de Hert
(LSTS/VUB), Andreas Krisch (EDRI), Meryem Marzouki (EDRI), Yves Poullet
(CRID), Daniel Retureau (EESC).

European Civil Society Data Protection Award