(D') Evolution Summit 2010 and the Granada Declaration

By EDRi · April 21, 2010

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On 31 March 2010, on the eve of the Easter break, the summit of the
Ministers of Culture from the 27 European Union countries, and their meeting
with the Forum of Cultural Industries, came to an end in Barcelona. The
parallel citizen summit, the (D’) Evolution Summit – which was organized in
order to put forward specific proposals and urgent demands on fundamental
rights on the Internet, and to give a real-time account of what was being
said inside the official congress – allowed civil society to keep an eye on
what was being said about its future.

Here are some details which, as we will see below, are “representative”:

More than 5000 people were able to connect to the live internet broadcast,
and 700 social networks worked spontaneously to ensure that the information
circulated immediately. Tens of thousands of blogs helped to spread (D’)

The fictional character the Tracks Collector, an artist who tries to collect
his legitimate royalties generated by works licensed under Creative Commons,
which the cultural industries do not want to pay him, attracted more than
1000 fans in a single day.

The (D’) Evolution action with Leo Bassi entiteled “No pagaremos el pato/We
will not carry the can” for a cultural industry that does not want to
reinvent itself was the lead image in all the papers.

Every day, half an hour after the end of each session at the Forum on
Cultural Industries, we broadcast the edited highlights with live
commentary. The edit showing Eduard Punset directly addressing the Spanish
Minister Ángeles González Sinde, which was posted online with the title La
Lección de Punset/Punset’s Lesson had 90 000 visits in the first two days,
making it one of the 5 most-watched videos on the net. It has now exceeded
150 000 visits.

A second meeting of the civil society was related to the Granada meeting
between 18 and 20 April of the Ministers of Telecommunications and
Information Society of the European Union. Even though the most part of the
Ministers could not arrive due to the airlines problems in Europe and
participated via videoconference, the Granada Ministerial Declaration on the
European Digital Agenda was agreed on 19 April 2010.

The declaration expressed support to “safeguard the openness of the
internet” and as regards IPRs wants to “actively promote the development of
European digital content markets through practical solutions to promote new
business models and concrete measures to reduce market fragmentation for the
reuse and access to digital content, while protecting and assuring the fair
remuneration of rights holders. ”

The Granada declaration also includes the headline “Digital User Rights”
which are related to the promotion of “awareness of current EU rules
protecting users of electronic communications and online services” and to
the reinforcement of “data protection and privacy for users of social
networking services and in key fields such as online health and e-government

Granada Ministerial Declaration on the European Digital Agenda: Agreed on 19
April 2010

Europa aprueba la Declaración de Granada para la nueva Agenda Digital (only
in Spanish, 19.04.2010)

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(Thanks to organizers of (D’) Evolution Summit)