Internet Blocking plans in Ireland

By EDRi · April 21, 2010

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In January 2010, EDRi-member Digital Rights Ireland filed a Freedom of
Information (FOI) Request with the Department of Justice asking for all
documents dealing with internet blocking by ISPs. The response came back in
March, refusing access to almost every internal document!

Sometimes, however, knowing what is being concealed can be informative.
When answering FOI requests, departments prepare a schedule of records
listing each document they hold, by data and title.

Looking at the list provided, it becomes clear that for some time now the
Department of Justice has been proposing the introduction of internet
blocking in Ireland and has been doing this under the radar, without any
public consultation or legislative approval. Indeed, it is clear from the
list that the Department is not planning on introducing legislation but
instead intends to introduce this new form of censorship without any legal
basis, just following the now discredited Norwegian and Danish models.

In another news related to Irish digital rights, the biggest ISP Eircom has
been given the go-ahead to cut off customers accused of copyright
infringement by Ireland’s High Court. The practice does not breach data
protection law, according to the Court ruling.

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(Thanks to EDRi-member Digital Rights Ireland)