List of actions for the implementation of Stockholm Programme

By EDRi · May 5, 2010

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The European Commission published on 20 April 2010 its plan of actions for
the implementation of the Stockholm Programme, the framework for EU actions
on citizenship, justice, security, asylum and immigration policies for the
period 2010-2014, which includes 170 initiatives.

In order to implement this complex programme, the Commission has identified
a series of key action with clear timetables that should be taken during the
2010-2014 period, which include 10 concrete actions in the justice,
fundamental rights and citizenship area.

Two concrete actions are proposed by the plan for personal data protection.
First, the Data Protection Directive will be modernised in order to cope
with the latest technological developments and to coherently integrate the
existing data protection instruments for police and judicial cooperation in
criminal matters. Also, “the same data protection principles should apply –
no matter whether your data are processed for commercial or public
enforcement principles (legislative proposal before the end of 2010).”

A second action of the Commission is to present by June a negotiation text
for an “umbrella” data protection agreement between the EU and the US. This
agreement must establish what “data can be shared with the US for law
enforcement purposes exclusively (data for commercial purposes are not
covered).” The agreement must clearly define the EU citizens’ rights such as
the possibility to file complaints about misused data.

In the negotiation with US for a long-term agreement on the processing and
transfer of financial messaging data in the framework of the Terrorist
Financing Tracking Programme (TFTP), the Commission will have in view
significant data protection guarantees “such as a strict counter terrorism
purpose limitation, an absolute prohibition on transfers on bulk data to
third countries (only leads can be transferred). It aims at a potential
limitation of the amount of personal data that is transferred to US
authorities. The EU will have the right to terminate the Agreement in the
event of breach of any of the data protection safeguards.”

Other actions included in the plan are an evaluation report to be issued in
2010 on the application of the Data Retention Directive followed by a
proposal for revision if necessary and a report on the implementation of the
Decision on the interconnection of DNA, fingerprints and vehicle information

Regarding cybercrime, the actions include the development of a legislative
proposal on attacks against information systems, the creation of a
cybercrime alert platform at the European level, the development of a
European model agreement on public private partnerships in the fight against
cybercrime and for cyber security and measures including legislative
proposals to establish rules on the jurisdiction on cyberspace at the
European and international levels. The plan also has in view the
ratification of the 2001 Council of Europe Cybercrime Convention by
the Member States.

The list of actions covers a legislative proposal on criminal measures aimed
at ensuring the enforcement of intellectual property rights, probably the
planned IPRED II Directive.

In terms of competencies the plan includes a recommendation to authorise EU
accession to the European Convention on Human Rights. Also, the Fundamental
Rights Agency Multiannual Framework should cover the domain of judicial and
police cooperation in criminal matters.

Separately, the document lists the EU “Internal Security Strategy” which
will represent another bundle of measures in the security areas. The
Commission plan should be endorsed by the European Parliament and the
Council and in agreement with the Lisbon Treaty, the Commission will work
with the European Parliament, the Council and EU governments and parliaments
for the adoption of the measures included in the plan.

European Commission plan to deliver justice, freedom and security to
citizens (2010 – 2014) (20.04.2010)

Stockholm Programme