No anonymous Internet usage in Denmark?

By EDRi · June 29, 2011

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Deutsch: [Aus für die Anonymität im dänischen Internet? |]

A working group at the Danish Ministry of Justice is debating on a
recommendation to the Parliament. The current text suggests that people
using open wireless internet connections, e.g. at libraries, cafes, and
private companies identify themselves with a personal code. It is not yet
determined how people should be identified, but the working group considers
social security numbers, electronic digital signatures, and SMS-es.

The existing Danish implementation of the Data Retention Directive does not
require that users identify themselves, only that data such as payment
information, hardware addresses etc. are stored.

EDRi-member IT-POL see the recommendations as an attack to anonymity on the
Internet. The recommendations are not made public but they are described in
the printed edition of newspaper Politiken of 23-24 June 2011.

The recommendations were criticized by several civil society members,
including Rikke Frank Jørgensen (Danish Institute for Human Rights), Jacob
Mchangama(think tank CEPOS) Niels Elgaard Larsen (IT-Pol), Pernille Drost
(Danish Union of Librarians) or Jon Lund (Danish Online News Association).

Spokesmen for the two government parties are also critical of the
recommendations and do not think that fighting international terrorism
mandates that Danes should be surveyed 24/7.

So there is some hope that this will not be passed by the Parliament. Last
year the Tax Authorities introduced a bill that would allow them to mirror
the hard disks of private companies. After criticism in the media, an
excellent brief by Mchangama and lack of support from the two governing
parties, the Minister of Taxation decided to postpone that bill, pending
investigations by a new committee.

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(Contribution by Niels Elgaard Larsen – EDRi-member IT-Pol – Denmark)