Traffic data fraudulently obtained by the Czech police

By EDRi · June 29, 2011

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Deutsch: [Tschechien: Polizei verschafft sich illegal Zugang zu Verkehrsdaten |]

An inspection of the Czech Interior Ministry has revealed that police
detective Marian Hudec from Varnsdorf was gaining phone call statements
including those of President Vaclav Klaus´s closest aides as well as those
of Constitutional Court Chairman Pavel Rychetsky.

According to MfD paper, Hudec obtained the numbers of some prominent people
and wrote to the judge that he did not know the owners of the mobile
numbers, but that he was working on order and the numbers obtained were
linked to the investigation into white slave trade in his region. The judge,
however, sanctioned access to the statements.

Czech Prime Minister considered this was a serious abuse of the police and
showed failure of courts that sign whatever police submits to them. These
were traffic and location data retained under the national data retention
legislation and a procedure according to the Criminal Procedure Code was
used for the access to the respective data. Therefore this might not be an
individual mistake but rather a faulty system.

Irrespective of who’s to be blamed for that, the procedure is worrying as a
private person or a firm could thus easily get hold of sensitive data on
whom and how often the high-placed people call.

Czech police was gaining phone statements of Klaus´s aides- press