Net Neutrality debate kicks off in UK as ISPs propose transparency code

By EDRi · March 23, 2011

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Deutsch: [Netzneutralität: Britische ISPs empfehlen Transparenzkodex |]

Minister Ed Vaizey met with Internet service providers, Internet platforms
and citizen groups including the EDRi-member Open Rights Group on 16 March
2011 to discuss network discrimination.

The positive outcome is that Tim Berners-Lee, who was at the meeting, will
work with the ISPs “Broadband Stakeholders Group” on their new code. The
ISPs themselves however did not feel any need to limit their ability to
engage in network discrimination, arguing that market forces would prevent
any serious problems from emerging. Others emphasised the difficulty in
switching services which would limit the ability of the market to correct
itself, and that mobile broadband suffered severe problems with little sign
that anti-competitive behaviour was about to change.

Ed Vaizey’s Net neutrality roundtable with Tim Berners Lee (16.03.2011)

(Contribution by Jim Killock -EDRi member Open Rights Group – UK)