Website blocking and suspension discussions in the UK

By EDRi · April 6, 2011

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Deutsch: [Diskussion um Netzsperren im Vereinigten K├Ânigreich |]

UK Minister Ed Vaizey is involved in discussions for private blocking
schemes to prevent access to copyright infringing websites. This follows the
delays in implementing the Digital Economy Act. It is believed by the
EDRi-member Open Rights Group and others that music and film lobby groups
are pushing for private measures that would avoid the need for legaislation
and potentially human rights considerations such as due process and freedom
of expression.

Nominet, the .uk registry is also engaging a wide range of bodies to create
procedures for suspension of domains believed to be involved in criminal
activity. Over the last two years, they have been suspending domains on
request from the police, with appeals procedure but no examination of the
legal and human rights implications. The consultation therefore presents a
step forward in creating transparency but also a longer term danger, as
registry suspensions could be abused as a short cut for law enforcement

Silence from the website blocking Working Group (5.04.2011)

Nominet talks about domain suspensions (5.04.2011)

(Contribution by Jim Killock – EDRi-member Open Rights Group – UK)