Romania forbids free access to online pornography

By EDRi · May 21, 2003

Romania has adopted a new law to make free access to pornography illegal.

Online pornography must always be protected by a password, and should
always charge a fee per minute, to be declared with the fiscal authorities.
Free access is explicitly forbidden in a law formally adopted on 20 May
2003. The law has raised a number of comments from the civil society and ISPs.

The National Regulatory Authority on Communications ( ANRC) can receive
claims regarding non-compliance with the law. In case of receiving such
claims and after checking the contents of the site, ANRC may require
internet service providers to block access to the respective site. If
providers don’t comply with these requests, they can be fined 100 – 500
millions lei (approx 2.700-13.500 euro).

Unofficial translation of these provisions