Trial of Nigerian spammers in the Netherlands

By EDRi · May 21, 2003

A gang of 6 Nigerian spammers was put to trial on 15 May. The gang was
arrested last year in the Netherlands. Operating from Amsterdam the group
posed as very rich businessmen from Nigeria. Victims were promised a lot of
money in exchange for a temporary loan.

The Dutch police estimates the gang earned at least 4 million euro’s. The
most spectacular victim of the gang, a Swiss professor, transferred almost
half a million euro. The money was necessary to buy chemicals to clean
banknotes with a total value of 36 million US Dollars, the gang told the
gullible professor. He was promised 25% of that amount.

The public prosecutor accused the Nigerians of swindle, participation in a
criminal organisation and money-laundering. No date is known yet for the

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