Privacy Policy

By EDRi · September 29, 2004

European Digital Rights has a clear and simple privacy policy. We collect as little personal data as possible.

If you subscribe to EDRI-gram, your e-mail address will only be used by the editor appointed by the EDRI-members to send you the newsletter. Subscriber information will not be provided, rented or sold to any third party. Information about subscribers is only provided in a general, aggregate form, for example the amount of subscribers.

EDRI only uses confirmed opt-in for subscribers to any mailinglist. People interested in receiving for example the newsletter EDRI-gram first have to confirm their subscription before it is effected. By using professional mailinglist software (Mailman), EDRI minimises the risk of abuse of the addresses by third parties. Subscribers can subscribe or unsubscribe themselves without any intervention from the editor or any of the EDRI-members. Maintenance, system operation and security of the mailinglists are delegated to quintessenz in Austria.

EDRI-gram is a closed mailinglist. Only the editor can send mail to the subscribers.

Currently, this website only collects visitor data on an aggregate level, without ever collecting any individual IP-addresses of visitors. Any such change in the system set-up will be announced here. Maintenance, system operation and security of the webserver are delegated to internet provider Greennet in the United Kingdom.

!!Public campaigns
If European Digital Rights organises public campaigns, information about supporting individuals, organisations and companies will be collected in a secure way and only used for the explicit purpose indicated in the campaign. These data will be deleted immediately after the campaign, unless otherwise indicated. For example, if EDRI organises a public petition, names and URLs of endorsing organisations may be published on a public website if this is clearly indicated.