European Digital Rights needs your support!

By EDRi · December 17, 2014

Dear friends and followers, dear EDRi-gram readers,

Your digital rights are what drives our work and our enthusiasm. You are why we do what we do. The decisions made in Brussels in the coming months and years – on data protection, data retention, privatised law enforcement, net neutrality, encryption, trade deals – will shape our online lives for years to come. Decision time is now.

Yet, at this pivotal moment, the existence of EDRi’s office in Brussels is at stake. Our key funding programmes all come to an end in 2015. We need your support to ensure that we don’t lose one of our digital rights advocates here in Brussels. One campaigner that does everything in their power to transform Europe into a free and open society, where your civil rights and freedoms are guaranteed.

Your support is highly appreciated!

EDRi is currently the only EU-level civil society organisation covering the full range of digital human rights issues. Compared to equivalent organisations in the USA (such as the EFF or the ACLU), the defence of your online rights is vastly under-resourced.

We must change this.

We have changed this. In the past five years, EDRi has evolved from being a decentralised alliance with no staff to an influential organisation with a Brussels office and professional staff. Since it opened its office in Brussels in 2009, EDRi has become a strong voice for freedoms in the digital environment. Imagine what the world would look like if EDRi didn’t exist! Would we have ACTA, EU-wide mandatory web blocking, a non-neutral Internet and more widespread censorship?

EDRi is asking you to support our work to support your rights. This fundraising campaign will ensure that we can fund one advocate who will fight to keep private information private, to fight against surveillance and censorship.

We’re the l’Oreal NGO – because…we would like to quote the slogan without being sued.