FnF 2017: Register for travel support until 22 September!

By EDRi · September 18, 2017

Freedom not Fear, an annual barcamp organised by EDRi member Digitalcourage for European digital rights activists, takes place in Brussels the weekend of 6-9 October 2017. The event takes place at Mundo B in Brussels and is open for everyone – there are no registrations. Participants that extend their stay to visit the European Parliament on 9 October can receive an allowance for their travel and accommodation costs thanks to several Members of the EU Parliament. To receive those travel allowances, registration is required. Registrations are managed by Digitalcourage.

The barcamp highly depends on the participants and their contribution – if you want to organise a workshop or a talk, you can create an account at the FnF wiki and enter your session. (If you have problems with signing up at the wiki, please e‑mail for support!)

Some sessions have been proposed already. Here is a selection of what is on offer so far: “Data retention in the EU via ePrivacy – What are Estonia, Bulgaria & Austria up to?”, “Offline tracking: WiFi, face recognition & co.”, “Rhetorics of (governmental) surveillance – how do we convince people that freedom is nicer?”. But there is plenty of room for mor! For more details check the schedule on the wiki.

Registration is open until 22 September at, and you can find more details, including the links to the wiki, on the FnF website at