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Launch of EDRi Annual Report 2019

2019 has also been a pivotal year, with more attempts to rein in the power of dominant internet platforms. EDRi's members Europe-wide have continued highlighting the privacy-invasive surveillance-based business models of the digital platforms dominating the online market, and the significant consequences this may have for civil rights and control of society.

By EDRi · October 14, 2020

Many cycles came to an end in 2019 within the European Union. Far-right parties grew steadily in several Member States, but did not do as well as foreseen in the European Parliament elections. Brexit took a toll – both on the UK and in the EU bubble- fundamentally changing the European Parliament landscape. It became clear to many that the internet and digitalisation can radically affect our elections, democracies and economic systems.

Our campaign against upload filters in the Copyright Directive vote in the Parliament led hundreds of thousands to march on the street, 5 million petition signatories, as well as a near unanimous – consensus of academia, internet luminaries and UN Special Rapporteurs. We were also featured by more than 210 press and media raising awareness of attempts to curb our freedom of speech, our right to privacy and our rights to more privacy friendly alternatives.

2019 was the final year of EDRi’s four-year strategy cycle. We held more than 50 consultations within and outside the network, ran two member surveys and held a strategic workshop at the General Assembly.

Read our 2019 Annual Report here for an overview of our efforts and highlights from 2019.