Net Neutrality: Save The Internet relaunch

By EDRi · April 22, 2015

On 23 March 2015, the “trialogue” discussions between the Council of the European Union, the European Commission and the European Parliament on the “Telecommunications Single Market Regulation”, began. The negotiations cover proposals on net neutrality. To ensure that citizens’ concerns about the future of the open Internet are heard by the decision-makers involved in the negotiations, civil society groups relaunched “Save the Internet” campaign on 13 April 2015.

Save the Internet is a Europe-wide campaign aimed at defending net neutrality in the European Union. The campaign calls on concerned internet users to contact their representatives in the European Parliament to ask them to maintain their strong position on net neutrality.

The campaign was originally launched in January 2014, and it encouraged people to call their Members of the European Parliament to express their support for net neutrality. At the same time, EDRi, together with other civil society groups, successfully campaigned for the adoption of crucial amendments in the European Parliament.

In October 2014 EDRi, together with several NGOs, consumer groups and industry representatives, sent an open letter to the Council of the European Union, calling on Telecoms Ministers to support strong net neutrality rules in the EU. followed by a letter in January 2015, which sent to Member State Ambassadors.

Over the coming weeks, closed-door meetings between representatives of the European Parliament, European Commission and Member States will be used to negotiate an agreement on this regulation. That agreement will then be formally approved by the Member States and the European Parliament. This is why it is important that internet users act now and ask their representatives to save the internet.

Save the Internet

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