Montreux Data Protection Commissioners Conference 2005

By EDRi · September 8, 2005

European Digital Rights is kindly inviting all interested people to attend a special public pre-event to the annual DPA conference in Montreux, Switzerland on 13 September 2005. EDRI, together with other NGO’s defending digital civil rights, is organising two panels, on biometrics and on data retention.

Strategies for International Privacy Protection
=Issues, Actors, and Future cooperation=

Time and place: Tuesday 13 September 2005, 14:30-18:00, in the Montreux Conference Center, Grand-rue 95, CH-1820 Montreux, Switzerland

This event is organised by European Digital Rights (EDRI), jointly with:
– American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)
– Archiv Schnüffelstaat Schweiz
– Big Brother Awards Switzerland (BBA-CH)
– Comunica-ch
– Privacy International (PI)
– Swiss Internet User Group (SIUG)
– WSIS Civil Society Privacy and Security Working Group

1. Data retention (14:30-16:00)
– Cédric Laurant (Electronic Privacy Information Center, Washington D.C.)
– Peter Swire (Ohio State University) (confirmed)
– Hielke Hijmans (Principal Administrator, Office of the European Data
Protection Supervisor) (confirmed)
– Karel Neuwirt (former Commissioner, Czech Republic) (invited)
– N.N. (COLT Telecom) (invited)
– N.N. (Swiss ISP) (invited)

Moderator: Ralf Bendrath (EDRI; University of Bremen) (confirmed)

2. Biometrics (16:30-18:00)
– Barry Steinhardt (ACLU) (confirmed)
– Hanspeter Thür (Commissioner, Switzerland) (confirmed)
– Stephanie Perrin (Director of Research and Policy, Office of the Canadian Federal Privacy Commmissioner) (invited)
– N.N. ( (invited)

Moderator: Gus Hosein (Privacy International / LSE) (confirmed)


Each panel will
1. exchange information on actions on substance
1st tour de table of panelists (max 30min)
2. discuss ways of working together / what to be done.
2nd tour de table of panellists (max 30 min)
3. debate with the audience, mainly on point 2 (max 30 min)