Petition: Put people, democracy and the planet at the heart of our digital futures!

Call on EU lawmakers to pass laws that can help us build positive digital futures where we can all thrive. Sign our petition.

By EDRi · June 19, 2024

With new EU decision-makers set to take office after the elections, we want them to hear about our vision of a future where technology serves humanity, democracy, and the planet.

Together with 24 civil society partners working on protecting and advancing digital, social and civil rights, we’re demanding lawmakers support our vision of technology that:

  • Empowers us all to flourish and thrive
  • Prioritises caring for our planet
  • Makes our decision-making just and accountable
  • Is a tool for systems that put our safety, participation and community care first
  • Is of, and by the people, and for our prosperity.

If you share our vision of this future, we can make it a reality. And now is the right time to start building.

Your voice matters and will be heard – we’ll make sure that EU decision-makers heed our collective demands by delivering the petition signatures to them on 1 October 2024.

In the face of challenges like climate change, the market dominance of large tech corporations and draconian state surveillance practices, we must imagine positive digital futures. We can – and should – shape digital spaces, and the world, as we want it to be.

With your support, we can turn our ambitious visions of the future into reality. Together, we can protect human rights, strengthen democracy, and reshape societal systems.

Help us shape the future of digital society in 2024 and beyond!

Join 25 civil society organisations and over a thousand supporters in getting our collective vision across to newly-elected EU lawmakers!

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