Imagine we live in a world where online platforms enable you to change society, are following your choices for online experience and are accountable to society about how their negative effect on society should be tackled.

By EDRi · November 30, 2021


Imagine a world where online platforms enable us to change society, follow our choices for online experience and are accountable for their impact on society.

Today, Big Tech platforms make the above sound like an utopia. We can and will make our vision a reality. Let’s take our power BACK from Big Tech!

Color tetris blocks on black background. They all have a text in white and on the top right of each there's a hand holding different things. On the top left of the frame reads in yellow "Take back the power". The text on the color blocks completes this phrase: "To choose", "To fix", "To change."

Big Tech companies have been increasingly grabbing power from our society . They built toxic empires at the expense of communities organising, by infiltrating our public infrastructures and by feeding of the pandemic as an “opportunity”. This disproportionally affects those of us at the margins.

  • Who gets to decide how to fix Big Tech in a democratic society?

  • Who gets to choose what our lives looks like?

  • Why are some voices not heard online, while others are amplified globally?

 We aim to create the conditions for a democratic, fair and open internet for a just society.

For this, laws must ensure people have the power to:

> FIX Platforms based on people’s interests: Don’t let the wolf guard the sheep by allowing to regulate itself. Hold Big Tech to account with strong regulation!

> CHOOSE the content we want to see. Make sure people are in control of what they see online and are not limited by Big Tech’s commercial choices.

> CHANGE society structurally. In order for all to have a chance to contribute to social change, all voices must be heard. Platforms should not be turned into judge and jury and decide what is legal and what is not. Platforms will always put profit before people, and zealous governments may abuse these rules to silence their critics.

Together we change systems