EDRi organises European activist workshop on PNR

By EDRi · October 17, 2011

EDRi and nopnr.org are pleased to invite you to a public workshop on the transfer, storage and processing of passenger name records (PNR) with a keynote speech by travel expert and human rights advocate Mr Edward Hasbrouck

on Monday, 17 October


@EDRi’s offices

Rue Montoyer 39

8th floor

1000 Brussels

The keynote speech will be followed by a presentation of the state of play of the US-European agreement which aims to store personal data, including credit card details and hotel bookings, of millions of transatlantic air passengers for 15 years. The workshop will then focus on the European proposal for a Passenger Name Record (PNR) Directive. Under the proposed directive and bilateral agreements, data ranging from credit card details to what you have for lunch are communicated and automatically processed in order to profile citizens as possible terrorists or people-traffickers.

Tonight’s workshop is part of Edward Hasbrouck’s action week on PNR in Europe.