Private Copying Levy: EDRi's analysis

By EDRi · May 28, 2013

The issue of the private copying levy that is imposed in some EU Member States has been discussed at EU level for years. So far, it has been impossible to find a solution. The debate is also part of the wider discussion on copyright and its adaptation to the digital age.

The private copying levy is a charge applicable to recordable media and devices capable of making copies.It is supposed to be redistributed to rights holders to compensate for the alleged harm suffered as a result of copies made under the private copy exception to copyright. The money collected in some Member States is also partly used to finance socio-cultual projects.

While it is important that artists and creators get paid for their creativity, the levy has created many barriers to the achievement of a single market and has served to discredit current legislation in the eyes of citizens. The implementation and consequences of this levy need to be discussed.

In January, Mr Vitorino presented his recommendations to the European Parliament. The file is currently being discussed in the European Parliament and will be discussed on Wednesday 29 May in the Competitiveness Council (which gathers together the relevant Ministers from the EU Member States). In this context, EDRi has put together a 2-page briefing to explain our position on the private copying levies.