Press release – Help us save the Internet!

By EDRi · January 20, 2015

Civil society, industry representatives and consumer groups join forces to appeal to ambassadors: Help us save the Internet!

European Digital Rights (EDRi)
, together with other civil society organisations, consumer groups and industry representatives, sent today an open letter [pdf] to Member State Ambassadors to the European Union, reminding them of the importance of an open, transparent and secure Internet to Europe’s citizens and businesses alike.

“The problem of discrimination is growing fast, ranging from the blunt instrument of blocking certain services to more subtle techniques, such as exempting some services from download limits,”

said Joe McNamee, Executive Director of European Digital Rights.

“This reduces choice, increases costs and destroys innovation,”

he added.

In April 2014, the European Parliament voted in favour of a strong text preserving net neutrality, to prevent internet providers from undermining the openness of the internet. Now, it’s up to the 28 EU Member States to save the Internet. Gathered in the Council of the EU, the Member States have the power to adopt strong and clear rules on net neutrality, to help enhancing innovation, consumer protection and respect of fundamental rights and freedoms. Today, we are calling the Member States to support a strong and clear net neutrality legislation.

This letter is goes in line with a larger campaign launched in November 2014 by several civil society organisations. For more information, see the website of the Save the Internet campaign.

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For more information on the EU’s decision-making process, please see EDRi’s “Activist Guide to the Brussels Maze” at


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