Privacy Café 2.0: Improving the security of online communications

By EDRi · September 8, 2015

In order to repeat the success of our previous Privacy Café in the European Parliament, we are organising another training session on how to protect communications and privacy online. The event will provide basic hands-on guidance for increased online privacy for Members of the European Parliament, their assistants and Parliament staff. Since it is a hands-on session for beginners and experts alike, participants are asked to bring their devices (smartphones, laptops, tablets etc).


What: Privacy Café
When: 17 September 2015, 6pm
Where: Room ASP05E1, European Parliament
RSVP: kirsten.fiedler[at]

The Snowden revelations of massive intrusions into Parliament infrastructures should have led to better security. They didn’t. More than two years after the first publications, Parliamentarians are still not able to receive or send encrypted communications, to enhance security when browsing the internet or to use privacy-friendly messaging and calling solutions. The event will also emphasise that learning personal security is just a small link of a bigger chain – we also need strong privacy protections for all.

The “Privacy Café” is co-organised by three civil society organisations, EDRi, Access and the Flemish League for Human Rights.