SAVE THE INTERNET: Good work by BEREC undermined by industry lobbying

By EDRi · June 6, 2016

Today, 6 June 2016, the Body of European Regulators of Electronic Communications (BEREC) launched the long-awaited public consultation on the implementation of the net neutrality Regulation.

It is clear that the guidelines published today have been heavily influenced by lobbying by parts of industry,

said Joe McNamee, Executive Director of European Digital Rights (EDRi).

This consultation gives citizens and innovative businesses the opportunity to redress the balance and express their views, supporting a free, innovative open internet.

Based on a leaked draft of the guidelines, BEREC has done an excellent job, and the document represents a significant step  towards achieving real net neutrality. However, the guidelines should be improved with regard to three elements: zero rating, traffic management and specialised services.

On 27 October 2015, The European Parliament adopted the Regulation on a Single Market for Electronic Communications, which includes provisions on net neutrality. Net neutrality is a principle that all the internet traffic is treated equally, without blocking or slowing down certain data. Net neutrality is crucial for fair competition between online services, for innovation, and for freedom of expression online. Now BEREC needs input to finalise the guidelines for the implementation of the Regulation. The public consultation will last six weeks, from today until 18 July.

Citizens can provide input to BEREC through EDRi will respond to the consultation, in addition to the input already provided orally and in writing to the telecom regulators.

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