Save the open internet

Save the open internet - we need net neutrality!

By EDRi · January 16, 2014

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The European Commission has proposed vague and misleading proposals that will destroy functioning of the open internet in Europe. This proposed Regulation is now being discussed in the European Parliament and will then become directly applicable your country.

So far it has been the case that anyone can connect with anyone on the internet – without permission and without restrictions. Now, big telecoms companies want to restrict access to their customers, selling access to YOU for a profit – undermining citizens’ rights, small businesses, cultural expression and innovation in the process.[/span]

Take action now!

Make your feelings known  to your elected representatives by sending them an email or by calling them before the votes. This week, we need to concentrate our efforts on the Members of the IMCO Committee since its Opinion has more weight than those of the others.

You can find more information on our campaign portal

Who decides?

The European Parliament will play a crucial role. Three major committees (Internal Market, Legal Affairs and Culture) will finalise their opinion  to the Committee in charge (Industry) this week.

A fourth committee (Civil Liberties) will finalise its opinion on 12 February.

Then, on 27 February, the most important vote will take place in the Industry committee (ITRE) where Parliamentarians adopt the finalised report. This report will then be voted on by the full Parliament in April.

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