Save the Internet!

Save the Internet!

By EDRi · July 11, 2016

Net neutrality is a principle that all the internet traffic is treated equally, without blocking or slowing down certain data. Net neutrality is crucial for fair competition between online services, for innovation, and for freedom of expression online.

The European Parliament adopted the Regulation on a Single Market for Electronic Communications in October 2015. That legislation includes important provisions on net neutrality. The Body of European Regulators of Electronic Communications (BEREC) is finalising its guidelines for how the Regulation should be implemented in the EU Member States. On 6 June, BEREC launched draft guidelines, together with a public consultation to collect suggestions on how to improve the draft.

The draft guidelines represent an impressive piece of work from BEREC. However, they have been heavily influenced by telecom corporations’ lobbying. The consultation gives citizens and innovative businesses the opportunity to redress the balance and express their views. From the point of view of citizens, there are three elements in the guidelines that should be improved: zero rating, specialised services and traffic management.

To help BEREC to finalise their guidelines in a way that guarantees real net neutrality, you can go to and send BEREC a message that you want them to support a free, innovative open internet. The consultation is open until 18 July.