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European Digital Rights fights for your right to privacy, freedom of expression, modernisation of copyright rules, legal protection for net neutrality and against new European proposals for mass surveillance. Our work is only possible with the continued financial support of donors like you!

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a) Download the SEPA mandate here, and fill it in. This form allows you to agree to a regular donation to EDRi which is collected by our bank. We will keep your information private and will only use it for the purpose of finalising your supporter status.

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Alternatively, you can do the procedure yourself and request your own bank to make a standing order of the amount of your choice. Our bank account details are here.

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Send the mandate to supporters (at) Emails sent to this address reach a small number of EDRi staff members and it is not to be confused with the supporters mailing list used for announcements to our supporters (see step 1).

If you want to encrypt your message and the attached file, you should use the PGP key 0xAEB43615 by downloading it from any of the PGP key servers and verify that its fingerprint matches AC1A 1896 FF05 3F58 278D 9224 79C7 0C04 AEB4 3615.

Please note that all donations will be collected via SEPA direct debit mandates on the 15th of every month!

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