AI Now Institute is hiring for various positions

Founded in 2017, the AI Now Institute produces diagnosis and policy research on artificial intelligence.

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New York, New York, United States





Operations Director

This role is aimed at an experienced leader with the ability to design, develop, and execute on operational processes and practices that demonstrate and build on the organization’s values. The Operations Director will have experience with responsibilities spanning organizational planning and implementation, day-to-day operations and project management, HR, and finance. They will work closely with the Associate Director and in coordination with the co-Executive Directors, serving as an operational thought partner and proactively translating organizational strategy into day to day planning and operations.

What you will do:

Drive operational processes for the organization, including:

  • Grow organizational processes and practices with an emphasis on the right level of detail, structure and cadence to our work.
  • Develop and execute knowledge management and project management resources and workflows including an appropriate tech stack and standard operating procedures that ensure organization-wide adoption, usage, and utility.
  • Translate organizational goals into operational activities, ensuring alignment between organizational values and their execution in practice.
  • Along with Associate Director, drive development and execution of projects to a high degree of quality, with primary responsibility for operational elements, project management and vendor relationships.
  • Develop and execute HR processes, including recruitment and onboarding for new members of the team, compensation planning, policy development, employee relations, benefit administration, workforce planning, and performance reviews.
  • Research operational and HR best practices and design approaches attuned to a highly dynamic and geographically distributed team.
  • Synthesize operational details for leadership and other team members, providing strategic support to co-EDs in organizational planning and anticipating bottlenecks and obstacles along the way.

Ensure financial and organizational stability and accountability for the organization, including: 

  • Lead on fundraising development pipeline and project management budgeting in close coordination with co-EDs and fiscal sponsor.
  • Build and maintain sound relationships with contractors, employees, and our wider community while ensuring a high degree of quality in execution of tasks.
  • Develop financial reporting practices that augment the Executive Directors’ capacity for strategic decision making.
  • Consistently maintain accounting resources for ongoing reporting in coordination with fiscal sponsor and staff.
  • Lead in the organization’s  relationship with our fiscal sponsor, working closely with key points of contact to ensure processes are streamlined and effective.

Associate Director

The Associate Director will occupy a critical role in our growing organization, devoted to incisive policy strategy on cutting edge issues shaping the trajectory of artificial intelligence. This role is designed primarily around research, development and execution of policy strategy, with an emphasis on operationalizing programs. The Associate Director will report to one of the co-Executive Directors and principally aid and assist the leadership team and members of other teams as necessary.

What you will do:

Developing and Executing Policy Strategy and Programmatic Activities

  • Work closely with co-EDs in execution of policy strategy and translation into day-to-day programmatic activities (including but not limited to internal team coordination and external partner communications).
  • Research and draft written materials (eg op-eds, reports, public statements, blog posts) that support our work
  • Build outreach and engagement strategies to build relationships with relevant groups and stakeholders in collaboration with the co-EDs.
  • Responsible for research and documentation of issues relevant to policy strategy, proactively keeping on the pulse of a highly dynamic and heterogeneous policy domain.
  • Assist the operations team with the tracking, documentation of work plans, tasks, partner commitments, and responses to stakeholder requests coming to the organization and take lead in following up with key partners and management of responsibilities.
  • Ensure the co-EDs preparedness for meetings and other commitments, and assist in supporting next steps, anticipating and tracking tasks against achievable timelines.
  • Work closely with the operations team and relevant team members to drive, support and coordinate matters pertaining to the organization of the AI Now Symposium in New York City in 2025, and other programmatic events as needed.
  • Assist with evaluation and regular reporting on programmatic strategy and activities to funders and external partners as needed.

Stakeholder engagement and outreach support

  • Manage outreach and communications to key policy stakeholders as tasked by co-EDs, surfacing and prioritizing as needed. Work closely with Executive Assistants as the first point of contact for scheduling and logistical needs for co-Executive Directors.
  • Manage reactive and proactive requests for input regarding research assistance, briefings, and other engagements.
  • Conduct research to scope new stakeholders with whom our organization should engage with in support of our strategy and build relationships appropriately.
  • Field proactive and reactive press and media in coordination with communications team.

Workflow, Communications, and Documentation support

  • Responsible for creating and executing knowledge management and other documentation and workflow practices that surface and prioritize relevant information consistently and reliably to the co-EDs.