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Mnemonic works globally to help human rights defenders effectively use digital documentation of human rights violations and international crimes to support advocacy, justice and accountability.

Job details



Hours of work

Full time, 38 hrs/week



Service Provision for Travel Management Services for Mnemonic

Tasks and deliverables

  • Travel agency shall provide booking for flights, accommodation, transfers, car rental, and trains for conferences, and events.
  • Travel agency shall be available to assist 24 hours daily Monday – Sunday.
  • Travel agency shall provide the most economical options for flights, accommodation, and other services in line with the Mnemonic travel policy and requirements.
  • Travel agency must be knowledgeable of and prepared to offer special fares, restricted fares, discount fares, and group/bulk fares for use whenever appropriate.
  • Tickets shall be charged including their service cost.
  • No advance payment will be paid to the awarded supplier. The awarded supplier is expected to mobilize its own resources to deliver the agreed material.
  • Payment term is postpaid monthly, the currency of the offered tickets and services should be in EUR, and including the Value Added Tax (VAT).

All interested parties are requested to submit their proposal in English and by email to on or before the 31th of March 2024. Email Subject should contain: – Travel Management Services for Mnemonic.

Proposals received after the deadline shall not be considered.

Front End Developer


  • Take the lead in enhancing the integration of Strapi CMS with our Gatsby-powered websites, ensuring a seamless content management experience.
  • Develop and maintain custom plugins for CKEditor to extend its functionality and improve our content creation and editing workflows.
  • Responsible for the upkeep and optimization of backend APIs that serve as the backbone for our website data transactions.
  • Design and implement new API endpoints to support additional data requirements and integrate new features.
  • Collaborate closely with our design team to implement new designs with a keen eye for detail, ensuring that the final product matches the envisioned aesthetic and functionality.
  • Implement new pages and features on our websites, with a focus on creating interactive and dynamic user experiences. This includes the integration of charts and maps to present data in visually compelling ways.


Please send your CV and cover letter  to info [at] before 31/03/2024, mentioning in the subject line of your email ‘’Front-end Developer’’.