Mozilla is hiring for various positions

Mozilla Foundation is committed to an internet that promotes civil discourse, human dignity, and individual expression. To an internet that catalyzes collaboration among diverse communities working together for the common good.

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Software Engineer

What you’ll do

  • Design, debug, build, and ship medium to large scale Android solutions that promote a healthy and inclusive internet
  • Become a member of a hardworking, diverse, and geographically distributed team delivering Android components, application improvements, and features
  • Closely collaborate with stakeholders to understand, define and clarify scope and solidify requirements
  • Clearly communicate the engineering development perspective and discuss complex topics with technical and non-technical team members
  • Define and uphold standards for quality through constructive code reviews, bug fixing, testing, and coding practices
  • Provide solutions and feedback to Mozilla’s lively and dynamic open source community to improve our Android solutions and support Mozilla’s manifesto

Staff Operations Engineer

What you’ll do:

  • Be responsible for a comprehensive Identity Access Management (IAM) system which includes:
    • Manage an Auth0 (Okta CIC) IdP Platform
    • Support team members with integrations of various third-party OIDC/SAML connections
  • Coordinate deployment, configuration, and lifecycle management of various resources and services in GCP and AWS
  • Handle issuance of SSL/TLS certificates
  • Administrate DNS and IPAM
  • Be responsible for backup processes and disaster recovery strategies
  • Contribute to all aspects of a project, including but not limited to leading, planning, testing, implementation, monitoring, and maintenance
  • Lead multi-functional groups to identify, evaluate, and propose solutions for business problems.
  • Function with a customer service mentality, addressing their needs in perspective of the macro outcome
  • Roadmap and plan opportunities for continuous improvement
  • Document status, process, procedures, etc., transparently, whereas anyone else can see who/what/when/where/why/how something was/should be done
  • Lead independently in a dynamic environment