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This winter, you can help us protect human rights in the digital age through a monthly donation.

This winter help us protect human rights and freedoms in the digital age through a monthly donation

When you make a monthly contribution to European Digital Rights, you provide us with stable funding to advocate for robust laws, mobilise people, promote a healthy and accountable technology market, and build a movement committed to digital rights in a connected world.

Monthly donations help EDRi respond quickly to threats against our digital rights and freedoms. Our work impacts the lives, opportunities and freedom of us all.

Monthly donations also make it easier for EDRi:

  • to follow the wide range of legislation and policies that impact human rights in a connected world.
  • to effectively challenge industry lobbies including Big Tech, which are very influential in Brussels and outnumber civil society representatives.
  • to plan long-term.
  • to budget effectively.

You can start to support digital rights on a monthly basis by authorising a monthly transfer or making a SEPA bank transfer. You are always in control of how much you choose to give and can cancel your support at any time.

Together we can make a difference. Donate TODAY.

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Where your money goes when you donate to EDRi


  • Challenging Big Tech’s power

  • Ensuring human centred AI

  • Keeping our lives private

  • Intersecting with social justice

  • Advocating for enforceable laws

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