February 1, 2022

Digital Rights for All – Digital Safety: Data

The Digital Safety workshop will cover key questions and ways for activists and organisations to protect themselves, their organisations and people they represent, while making the most of the technology available. It will be facilitated by an expert digital defender, Chipo Karwi from digital defenders Partnership.

Location: Online


  • Tuesday, February 1, 2022, 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM CET


  • Online event

As organisations working towards social change, it is crucial to ensure our ability both to reach out and mobilise, and to ensure that our organisation and its members are protected from private and institutional surveillance and attack. Knowing which platforms are the safest to use when working together online as well as being able to measure the risks taken when sharing information externally has become increasingly important, especially as the lasting pandemic situation forces us in many cases to interact online.

How can we protect our computer, mobile devices, or any other devises connected to the internet, from intruders? What forms of online attacks and frauds should we be protecting ourselves and our organisation from, such as hacking or fishing? What are the risks when we we post pictures of ourselves or others on social media? Which platforms and tools best protect the confidentiality of our organization? Why should we and how can we protect our personal data – browsing history, mobile phone, email, etc- to prevent surveillance and cyber-attack?

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