September 22, 2022 - September 24, 2022

Festival Technopolice Marseille

Join the festival organised by EDRi member LQDN from 22 - 24 September.

Everywhere in our territories, the Smart City is revealing its true face: that of a total surveillance of urban space for police purposes. Three years ago, La Quadrature du Net, an association for the defence of digital liberties, launched the Technopolice initiative to identify and counter the new police technologies in our cities. The Technopolice Marseille collective then began to organise itself locally through conferences, art exhibitions, camera mapping and street actions against the local surveillance system. A few months later, a Brussels collective launched Technopolice Belgium. In Belgrade, the Hiljade Kamera (one thousand cameras) campaign was born within the Share Foundation, an association for the defence of digital rights in Serbia, to counter the new project of the city of Belgrade to install one thousand cameras equipped with facial recognition algorithms in partnership with Hikvision.

Faced with the total surveillance of public space, it is urgent to reappropriate past struggles and strengthen present ones in order to resist and think about our desirable futures. From Marseille to Paris, from Brussels to Belgrade, from Baltimore to Toulouse, this festival, through films, debates and meetings with the actors of these struggles, offers itself as a place for collective reflection.