November 12, 2021 - November 14, 2021

FIfF Conference 2021 – Self-determination in digital spaces

Because you only see those in the light, you can't see those in the dark. Self-determination in digital spaces, Munich, 12.-14. November 2021

Location: Munich

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  • 12 – 14 November
  • Munich
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We see our electronic devices more often and longer than friends or family. They are important work equipment and convenient, always ready helpers in everyday life, without them nothing would work. This raises questions: After the technology – how does it work? According to social consequences – what are they? Is there another way? Information technology is rapidly changing how we communicate, think, move and act. It penetrates personal and interpersonal areas and influences our behavior without us always being aware of it. Where we see ourselves as acting subjects, we are often measured, evaluated and treated as objects. On platforms and in social networks, in smart infrastructures and in scoring systems, there are highly profitable business models that we can hardly see through, let alone determine (ourselves).

The FIfF conference is public. Admission is free. Meals are provided on weekends for a fee.