June 19, 2023 - June 23, 2023

Summer Academy For Global Privacy Law 2023

The Brussels Privacy Hub is proud to announce its 2023 Summer Academy for Global Privacy Law, after 7 years of successful editions.

Location: Brussels/Online

Organiser: Brussels Privacy Hub

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The Brussels Privacy Hub Summer Academy for Global Privacy Law 2023 will focus on the topic “From Data Access to Data Transformations: How to Govern Data in the Age of Analytics and AI?.

Each day of the Academy will focus on a topic and will deliver  a keynote session, lectures, and a workshop, which will give participants the opportunity to apply their knowledge through practical exercises. On top of this, exciting side and networking events with other researchers and civil society will complement the Summer Academy.

Programme structure

DAY 1 – Personal Data and Algorithmic Processing

The first day will focus on the interplay between data protection and algorithmic processing, covering the following topics:

  • Data protection, data subjects’ rights and AI
  • The interplay between GDPR and AI Act
  • Data reuse and risk assessment

DAY 2 – Third-party Data Access

The second day will focus on third-party data access. This will be looked from different perspectives and will dive into the implications of new relevant EU Regulations:

  • Data Act and IoT data access
  • Access to platform data
  • EU Data Spaces

DAY 3 – Comparative Perspectives on Data re-use and sharing

The third day will have a look  at how different legal system around the world  address the topic of data reuse and sharing, comparing these different approaches.

  • Global perspective (e.g., Convention 108+)
  • European perspective (e.g., GDPR)
  • North American perspectives (e.g., CCPA, PIPEDA)
  • Asian perspectives (e.g., DSL, PIPL, DPDP)

DAY 4 – Data Access from third countries and data transfers

The fourth day will focus on the topic of international data transfers. The lectures will look into recent regulations to understand how this works and its complexities.

  • Data transfers and the use of data by law enforcement
  • International data transfers regulations and risk-based approach

DAY 5 – Data Transformations and PETs

The fifth and final day of the Summer Academy will provide an overview of Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETs), their application and use cases, the expectations and their possible inconsistencies.