November 11, 2020, 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

The (In)Justice Of AI

TU Delft's TPM AI-Lab will host its own free online conference, 'The (In)Justice Of AI', organised as a satellite event of Brave New World Conference.


The event will focus on systems, governance and values around AI, which holds great promise for solving some of the world’s grand societal challenges. The event is open for interested researchers, students and representatives of governmental organizations, NGOs and businesses.

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“The mission of the TPM AI-Lab is to create a cohesive community of researchers within the TPM Faculty and to create visibility of the AI research happening at TPM to the outside world.”

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‘The (In)Justice of AI’ is programmed as a satellite event of the Brave New World Conference. It is a two-day annual conference organised by Brave New World aiming to address the ethical and societal impact new technologies might have on human life. The conference allows people to explore beyond their field of interest. Brave New World is meant for professionals coming from (applied) science, industry, (semi) government and the creative industry.

Register here to attend the conference taking place on November 9th & 10th 2020. Find out more about the event and speakers.