2014: Consultations of importance to digital rights

By EDRi · June 17, 2014

The European institutions and international policy-making bodies frequently organise consultations, which are open not only to industry but also civil society and individual citizens. These are valuable opportunities to shape policy in a positive way from the outset rather than needing to take to the streets when the wrong policy is developed based on bad analysis.

The following is a list of consultations that are of particular importance to digital rights in 2014:

Online public consultation on investment protection and investor-to-state dispute settlement (ISDS) in the Transatlantic Trade and Partnership Agreement (TTIP)
Deadline 6 July 13 July
See EDRi’s answering guide and online form
See EDRi’s response (pdf)

FCC consultation on Net neutrality: Protecting and Promoting the Open Internet
Deadline 15 July
See EDRi’s response (pdf)

Invitation to comment on the Ombudsman’s draft internal rules on whistleblowing
Deadline 30 September
See EDRi’s response (pdf)

* EU Commission consultation on the renewal of the EU Internal Security Strategy
Deadline 3 October
See EDRi’s response (pdf)

* European Ombudsman’s public consultation in relation to the transparency of the TTIP negotiations
Deadline 31 October
See EDRi’s response (pdf)

* UNESCO’s Comprehensive study on Internet related issues
Deadline 30 November
See EDRi’s response (pdf)