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2021: Important consultations for your Digital Rights!

Public consultations are an opportunity to influence future legislation at an early stage, in the European Union and beyond. They are your opportunity to help shaping a brighter future for digital rights, such as your right to a private life, data protection, or your freedom of opinion and expression.

By EDRi · January 29, 2021

Below you find a list of public consultations with an impact on digital rights. We will update the list on an ongoing basis, adding our responses and other information that can help you get engaged.

For 2021 consultations that have already closed, see the bottom of this page.

Ongoing consultations

Declaration of Digital Principles – the ‘European way’ for the digital society

Past consultations

Police cooperation – stronger mandate for Europol

Sustainable corporate governance (due diligence)

Data sharing in the EU – common European data spaces (new rules) – Data Governance Act (DGA)


Strengthening the automated data exchange under the Prüm framework

Transparency of political advertising

Derogation of certain aspects of the ePrivacy Directive: “Fighting child sexual abuse: detection, removal and reporting of illegal content online”

Guidance on tackling disinformation (Update)

  • Public consultation
  • Deadline: 29 April 2021
  • EDRi’s joint statement with Access Now and Liberties response is here