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Big Brother Awards – tips and materials for organisers

In October 2018, we will celebrate 20th anniversary of the first Big Brother Awards (BBA) event in UK.

By Iuridicum Remedium (guest author) · May 2, 2018

Big Brother Awards is an event which seeks to highlight violations of our privacy, especially with regard to new methods of surveillance, associated with the development of technology. Since 1998, the Big Brother Awards have been organised in a number of countries around Europe – in some countries, the Awards are a new initiative, while in many others, a solid tradition has been established, and the BBA has become an annual event. Thanks to the BBA events, the information about the most striking violations in the field of privacy is shared with the broader public.

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The “father of the Big Brother Awards” Simon Davies summarises the meaning of BBA: “It has been a great honour to be the founder of the Big Brother Awards. In the 20 years since the first edition, the world has become sensitised to privacy, and the awards have been instrumental in that. People across the world are sensitive to privacy issues. They have become activists in every domain, large and small. Governments and corporations are terrified. We have created a real movement that will shape the future of human rights.”

Iuridicum Remedium, with the support from Digital Rights Fund, prepared materials for current and especially future organisers of the Big Brother Awards. This BBA package consists of tips and tricks, sets of experiences, inspirations and recommendations from various experienced European BBA organisers. IuRe has also designed a fresh new visual style for BBA, including graphic elements, graphic manual and merchandise design.

“When creating the uniform visual design of Big Brothers Awards, I was inspired by vintage propaganda materials. I found its straightforward style and sense of urgency were a good fit. Using irony, I tried to shift the negative aspect of propaganda to a much more playful mode – so that we all stay alert and do our best to block manipulation,” said Tomas Vovsik, the designer of the BBA visual style, about his concept.

All these materials and graphics are ready for free use by BBA organisers or digital rights NGOs, and IuRe hopes they will be helpful for other digital rights defenders and their campaigns.

Big Brother Awards – Tips and tricks

Big Brother Awards – Graphic Manual and designs

Big Brother Awards – Graphic design user manual

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(Contribution by Jan Vobořil, EDRi member Iuridicum Remedium – IuRe, Czech Republic)