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By EDRi · December 4, 2017

Companies and governments increasingly abuse online tools to restrict our freedoms: mass surveillance, random censorship, blocking access to information, knowledge and culture, continuous monitoring of what we do online, tracking and profiling.

We are now looking for 200 Digital Defenders to join our fight against these digital rights violations!

By becoming a regular donor, you will help to boost the shield against digital rights violations and allow us to continue defending your rights and freedoms online.

Advocating for digital rights is a long-term commitment and thereby needs long-term support. We are happy about any kind of support we get, but having regular donors allows us to think ahead and to work sustainably. And: Regular giving is easy and convenient! You will always have the flexibility to change or cancel your donation – at any time you want, without any hassle.

European Digital Rights (EDRi) is a not-for-profit association of digital civil rights organisations. Our objectives are to promote, protect and uphold civil rights. We advocate for a world where everyone enjoys privacy, where we are not being spied on and our data is not being sold or abused. A world where we can share our thoughts freely, without fear.

Supporting Digital Defenders:

Cory Doctorow
Award-winning science fiction author, activist, journalist and blogger

Every issue today is an internet issue, from climate change to wealth inequality to basic human rights, all fights won or lost on the internet. EDRi is on the front lines of defending a free, fair and open internet that we can use to win all the other battles that matter.

Watch the video here.


Markus Beckedahl
Founder of Netzpolitik

While Netzpolitik works hard to fight for your digital rights on the national level, our work would have much less value without coordination and campaigning in Brussels.

This is where our European organisation EDRi ā€“ European Digital Rights shines.

On copyright, data retention, privacy, data protection, free speech … they represent us, they campaign for us and with us, they inform us about what is happening next, they help us cooperate with each other.

Support EDRi!


Mitchell Baker
Executive Chairwoman of Mozilla

Today, the internet is facing unprecedented challenges ā€” challenges that diminish its ability to uplift society. Across the internet, basic rights like privacy and freedom of expression are under threat. Meanwhile, the internet is expanding to include more people, and permeating more areas of our lives.

As a result, organizations like EDRi are more important than ever. And Iā€™m proud to support them.