EDRi-gram, 19 May 2021

The increasing use of facial recognition and other biometric surveillance technologies – on our streets, in train stations, at protests, at sports matches and even in our global ‘town square’, Facebook – means that our freedom to be anonymous in public spaces, our freedom to just be, really does face an existential threat. The mask is a symbol of resistance against the growing use of mass facial recognition. Get this symbolic merch and support the work EDRi does.

By EDRi · May 19, 2021


Watch: EFF30 Fireside Chat: Surveillance, with Edward Snowden

Producer: EDRi member, Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)

Democracy, social movements, our relationships, and our own well being all require private space to thrive. This conversation with Snowden, part of limited series in honour of Electronic Frontir Foundation’s 30th anniversary, discusses how state actors and law enforcement reach for persistent mass surveillance tech with disturbing frequency.

Happy 30th anniversary to EFF who have been committed to ensuring that technology supports innovation for all of us.

Watch the conversation here.

Listen: Nandini Jammi and the hate-funding advertising

Producer: EDRi member, Citizen D

The Sleeping Giants campaign highlighted the issue of hate funding through digital advertising and showed that the relationship between ad companies and propaganda outlets is highly problematic and highly ignored by the people responsible. EDRi’s member Citizen D discusses propaganda funding through opaque online digital ad system, the ways to address and solve this issue and the role of a critical consumer, with tech marketer turned activist Nandini Jammi. 

Listen to learn if the Sleeping Giants are awakening here.

Do: Cover Your Tracks

Producer: EDRi member, Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)

How does tracking technology follow your trail around the web, even if you’ve taken protective measures? Learn how trackers see your browser by using the Cover Your Tracks tool created by the Electronic Frontier Foundation. It provides you with an overview of your browser’s most unique and identifying characteristics.

Check if you are protected from tracking and fingerprinting here.

Read: Community-led online platforms: Alternative governance study

Producer: The Greens/EFA (Political group in the European Parliament)

Strong online communities and a transparent bottom-up approach to moderating content are best for our online safety and our digital rights. Nowadays, Big tech and artificial intelligence are increasingly deciding which content is censored online, often restricting freedom of speech and expression of real people on the internet.

Read the study on alternatives to FB & co here.



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