EDRi-gram, 20 March 2024

On March 13, following years of tireless advocacy, the EU Parliament finally passed the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Act. But there’s not much to celebrate – the law missed the mark when it comes to protecting our human rights, especially those of migrants and people on the move. On the same day, the Parliament also passed the European Media Freedom Law (EMFA) which aims to protect journalists and media workers. Another legislation with lofty ambitions that did not live up to its goals. Despite the Brussels spyware scandal that shocked up in February 2024, EU’s approach to surveillance technology remains lackadaisical at best. What will finally convince them to take action?

By EDRi · March 20, 2024



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Web monitors say Gaza week-long internet outage is longest yet

Tech Crunch

People in Gaza are unable to call the 101 emergency line to get ambulances. In a Signal message, Doug Madory, Director of internet analysis at Kentik, told TechCrunch that this is the “longest internet blackout ever and longer than all of the previous blackouts combined” in Gaza. Read more.



Is TikTok safe? Algorithm investigation reveals the truth

EDRi observer, Amnesty International

TikTok’s privacy-intrusive way of making money tracks everything you do on the platform to collect information about you. With this information, it tries to predict your interests, emotional state, and well-being, which in turn makes you addicted to the platform. Watch the video.



Data protection in the EU: Children, migrants, and EU Commission


The Tech Brief podcast, together with the European Data Protection Supervisor Wojciech Wiewiórowski, looks at data protection issues, including the regulation concerning the detection and removal of online child sexual abuse material, as well as Frontex’s handling of migrants’ data, and the recent news regarding the European Commission’s violation of data protection rules in its use of Microsoft. Listen to the podcast.



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