EDRi-gram, 21 february 2024

In this edition, we share with you our concerns about the Irish media regulator’s Online Safety Code and the sledgehammer approach of age verification tools. Also, earlier this month, the EU Parliament voted on the agreement on automated data exchange for police cooperation, known as ‘Prüm II’. What does this framework, and the broader securitisation mindset it represents, mean for our fundamental rights?

By EDRi · February 21, 2024



Sign the open letter to the Council of Europe AI Convention negotiators

Conference of INGOs at the Council of Europe (CINGO), Center for AI and Digital Policy (CAIDP), AlgorithmWatch

A civil society coalition calls for the world’s first AI treaty to equally cover the public and private sectors, and reject blanket exemptions regarding national security. The letter is open for sign-ons. To add your signature as an organisation or as an individual (with affiliation), please send an e-mail to  or to . Do not water down our rights.


Meta: Protect LGBT people from digital targeting

Human Rights Watch

Human Rights Watch examined the use of digital targeting by security forces and its far-reaching offline consequences – including arbitrary detention and torture – in five countries: Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, and Tunisia. The findings showed that security forces use social media platforms, including Facebook and Instagram, to entrap and harass LGBT people, as well as to gather and create evidence to prosecute them. Read more.


AI-generated fakes: How to spot them, how they’re made and how they have been used to mislead


AI-generated images, while showcasing incredible advancements in technology, can play a significant role in the spread of disinformation. Their impact on elections, news narratives, and human rights issues is undeniable. By learning to spot these fakes, we empower ourselves and others to critically assess the information we encounter daily. Watch the video.



Evan Greer – striking chords and defending digital human rights

The Rhythm of Rebellion

Evan Greer is a powerhouse trans and queer activist, director of Fight for the Future, a digital rights nonprofit and writer and musician based in Boston. Her journey is a dynamic interplay of musical wit, grassroots activism, and a fervent dedication to justice. The name of her most recent album? “Spotify is Surveillance“. Listen to the podcast.