EDRi-gram, 23 November 2023

In this edition, we are looking at the thunderous news of six civil society organisations, including EDRi, taking the European Union’s dangerous content regulation to court. The regulation proposes a dodgy tech solution that empowers the police to censor what you post online. We can stop that. We are also excited to share a new campaign called “Don’t Spy EU” which allows you to scan the faces of European lawmakers with a face recognition algorithm. Lawmakers are the ones in charge of finalising the Artificial Intelligence Act, so let’s make sure they fully understand the risks of biometric surveillance.

By EDRi · November 23, 2023



Staying safe online in the context of violence in Gaza

EDRi member, Access Now & SMEX

It is becoming harder and harder for people in Gaza to share their stories with the world. This tipsheet compiled by Access Now and SMEX is designed to support human rights defenders, journalists, activists, and others in defending against reported threats – including disinformation, censorship, online harassment, doxxing, and shadowbanning. Protect yourself while protesting.



Speaking Freely: David Kaye

EDRi member, Electronic Frontier Foundaton (EFF)

Speaking Freely brings forth interviews with human rights workers, free expression advocates and activists from a variety of disciplines and affiliations about the concept of free expression. This edition features David Kaye,who is a clinical professor of law at the University of California, Irvine, co-director of the university’s Fair Elections and Free Speech Center & the independent board chair of the Global Network Initiative. Read the interview to see what he has to say about free expression.


Online Safety Bill becomes law – Here are three ways it could harm you

EDRi member, Open Rights Group

In this video, James Baker, campaigns and advocacy manager at EDRi member Open Rights Group, explains the three ways the UK’s Online Safety Law could cause you and your family harm. Watch the video to find out.




No competition: big problems come with tech corporations

IRL: Online Life is Real Life – Crash Test Dummies


Why does it so often feel like we’re part of a mass AI experiment? What is the responsible way to test new technologies? Bridget Todd explores what it means to live with unproven AI systems that impact millions of people as they roll out across public life. Listen to the podcast.


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