EDRi-gram, 30 June 2021

Covid 19 brought the often invisible power of tech into sharp focus as it fostered the digitalisation of our lives forcing us to rely more heavily on technology to meet all our needs. In response, EDRi emphasised that measures taken should not lead to discrimination of any form, and governments must remain vigilant to the disproportionate harms that marginalised groups can face.

By EDRi · June 30, 2021


Read: Annual Report 2020

European Digital Rights

Despite a challenging year, the European Digital Rights network has been relentlessly working to advocate for better digital policies, challenge creepy surveillance, and inform and mobilise people across Europe. 44 members closely contributed to EDRi’s impact in 2020 and together we stood against technosolutionism, privacy-invasive measures and Big Tech’s hijacking of public infrastructures in 2020 and continue to do so today.

Read EDRi’s interactive Annual Report here.

Watch: Towards a New EU-US Digital Agenda


Join EDRi’s President Anna Fielder for a discussion on how the US and the EU can work together to become standard-setters in the area of tech policy and which are the key areas of common interest, and where they are likely to diverge?

Watch here to learn how we can raise the bar on EU-US digital policies.

Listen: Spring cleaning

EDRi member, Privacy International

Spring is over but did you remember to do your spring cleaning? EDRi’s member Privacy International invites us to peek into some of the tips and tricks on how to start cleaning up and securing our phones and computers.

Listen here to learn how to boost your privacy.

Do: Apply for support for your strategic litigation on digital rights in Europe

Digital Freedom Fund

The Digital Freedom Fund supports strategic litigation on digital rights in Europe that contributes to advancing human rights in the digital context. You can apply if your application advances individuals’ ability to exercise their right to privacy; protects and promotes the free flow of information online; ensures accountability, transparency and adherence to human rights standards in the use and design of technology.

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